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Andrea Kadler lives in Hamburg, Germany and travels worldwide for her clients. Before starting her career as a fashion photographer, she worked successfully for many years as a fashion stylist and producer, represented by renowned agencies,  for international clients and magazines.

Photography & filming is her lifetime passion. As the daughter of an artist and a car dealer, her youth was shaped by art, fashion, travel and the world of automobiles. The heroine of her youth was the great lady of car history, the french rally driver Michèle Mouton. Well she drives like her... but the love for fashion & photography prevailed.

In her visual language she now skilfully connects the worlds, and stages fashion and lifestyle with powerful, poetic impressions.Andrea choosed the camera to produce her own creative visions. As an artists, her passion is to make people feel something when they see her images. 

She is well connected with the industry, knows the production hotspots very well and is always on the lookout for unusual secret places. In a smooth transition, she presents her works directly in publications by international magazines.