I started taking photos when I was 12 years old. But following my mothers footsteps, I worked for many years as a fashion stylist and producer, represented by renowned agencies, working for international clients and magazines, before I started my career as a fashion photographer. Photography & filming was always my lifetime passion and it took me quite a long time to came out with it. I might tell you why when we get to know each other better. ;) 

In my visual language I try to connect fashion and lifestyle with powerful, poetic impressions. I choosed the camera to produce my own creative visions. As an artists, my passion is to make people feel something when they see my images. I also admire the sheer beauty of nature, and enjoy photographing it at all times of the day and year. For me, photography is also always about enchantment, about lifting people up to give them strength and make everyday life more beautiful. And if you have Venus on your ascendant like me, then you can't help but bring out beauty.  #poweredbythestars  Enjoy!